Adamson Muyenbabazi: Future Soccer Pro?

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For the Insider on February 1, 2011

We recently chatted with10-year-old Adamson Munyenbabazi, who loves to eat Chinese food and enjoys playing soccer. Here’s a little more about him:

Where did you move here from?
Tanzania, Africa.

What was your first impression of America?
When our plane landed in New York, we spent the night at a hotel there. I looked down from our room near the top floor, and to me all the people looked like little kids. I remember thinking, "Wow! Little kids can drive cars in America?! This is so great!"
I was disappointed when i learned that was not true.

What do you miss about Tanzania?
I miss all my friends that we left behind.

What do you like about living here instead?
I really love school here. The teachers are nice and I have a lot of friends who really care about me. In Tanzania, I got beaten almost every day at school. That made learning difficult.

What’s your favorite place in Concord?
Sunshine Oriental on Loudon Road. They have the best Chinese food. I love the chicken and rice.

What do you want to do when you are grown up?
I hope to play soccer professionally. I’m pretty good at it.


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